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Navigating Title And Regulatory Matters

Anyone who does business in the oil and gas and renewable energy fields must navigate a complex set of title issues and regulatory requirements. At Cavin & Ingram, P.A., our lawyers help clients overcome obstacles presented by title issues and regulatory constraints.

The Importance Of Title Research

In the oil and gas industry, diligent title research is a critical need before exploring for oil and gas. We perform the title work necessary to provide the groundwork for a successful operation.

An informed title opinion is necessary to determine the feasibility and economics of a drilling operation. Without a thorough and accurate assessment of title, the operator could be met with lawsuits and other costly liabilities in the future. Our comprehensive and detail-oriented approach also helps us uncover title defects, liens and encumbrances.

For mineral interest owners, we can offer solutions to cure title defects to put their oil and gas assets on a paying basis, whether the solution is through probate, quiet title litigation, curative assignments or other means.

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Regulatory Compliance

We assist oil and gas producers, wind and solar industry and mineral interest owners with state and federal regulatory compliance and administrative matters. We represent parties before the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division, New Mexico State Land Office and New Mexico Office of the State Engineer, among other state agencies.

New Mexico has extensive federal mineral holdings, which require expertise in navigating federal lease, royalty and unitization issues. We represent parties who have matters before the federal Bureau of Land Management, Interior Board of Land Appeals, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Natural Resources Revenue and other federal agencies.

As a leading New Mexico oil and gas law firm, we are intimately familiar with state and federal regulations and prepared to guide our clients through all administrative compliance matters.

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