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A Trusted Law Firm For Oil And Gas Transactions And Litigation

Cavin & Ingram, P.A., can handle your transactions and can litigate your disputes in the Permian Basin and the San Juan Basin.

Transactional Attorneys Who Know The Oil Patch

Our attorneys have more than 75 combined years of experience protecting the interests of clients engaged in the buying, selling, leasing and developing of mineral rights. We handle every transaction with the utmost care and attention to detail, including:

  • Purchase and sale transactions
  • Mineral leases
  • Joint operating agreements
  • Farmouts and term assignments
  • Unitizations

Experienced Litigators For Oil And Gas Disputes

Oil Business Transaction

If you are engaged in an oil- and gas-related legal dispute, it is important to work with a lawyer who is experienced in this unique area of law. Our attorneys understand the technical aspects of oil and gas law and the circumstances that give rise to legal disputes in the energy field. We practice in courts throughout New Mexico, and are also licensed to practice in Texas and Colorado. We can protect your interests in a broad range of legal disputes, including:

  • Title curative actions
  • Contract disputes
  • Surface use issues
  • Royalty disputes
  • Working interest owner disputes
  • Collections

We are skilled negotiators and experienced litigators. We strive to help our clients resolve their disputes quickly and cost-effectively through negotiation when possible. When a dispute must be fully litigated, we are always prepared to go to court.

Our Attorneys Understand Your Unique Needs In Energy Law

If you are seeking trusted legal representation for an oil and gas transaction or legal dispute, our lawyers are here to provide advice and advocacy. Call us at 505-588-4135 or contact us online to arrange your initial consultation.